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"You know how much I love Tyler. You can see how scared I am to lose him."

Shay Mitchell - Photographed By Hudson Taylor.

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❝every queen needs her KING.❞ ♕ (10/18/14)
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Tyler Lockwood in every episode
► Welcome to Paradise (6.03)

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This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen. 
game of thrones meme → one queen/king [1/1]  


piper halliwell + pigtails/up-down hair

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Congratulations Candice & Joe!!! 

#look how happy they are to see each other


Can we trend something Trevino related on twitter??? I really think that after 6 seasons the guy deserves a better contract. He’s a regular and has been for 6 years. He deserves more screentime than Enzo. He deserves to be more present in the series. And even if this trend won’t help, at least he’ll know that we find his lack of screentime unacceptable. Come on guys, he deserves this. Let’s find sth to trend.

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Tyrion Lannister had claimed that most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it, but Jon was done with denials. He was who he was; Jon Snow, bastard and oathbreaker, motherless, friendless, and damned. For the rest of his life –however long that might be– he would be condemned to be an outsider, the silent man standing in the shadows who dares not speak his true name.
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